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Analog Power Design Engineer

Dept: Power BU 

Job Description 

Development of designs for high performance, high current buck, boost, buck-boost regulator. 

Circuit design, architecture definition and optimization. 

Close cooperation with program execution, system engineering, application engineering, test, validation and marketing to guarantee flawless execution on product development schedules.

Basic Qualifications 

2~7years professional work experience in analog DC/DC power IC development. 

Knowledge in at least one of analog product experience, such as Buck, Boost and Buck-Boost DC-DC converters; 

Well experience at modeling of switching regulator and loop compensation. 

High power, high current design project experiences is plus. 

Extensive background and knowledge of semiconductor physics and process, especially HV PBCD process 

Good English and Chinese Mandarin

Power Application Engineer(SH/SZ)


Validation work of DC-DC product and generate test evaluation report. 

Create application note, white paper and datasheet for the products. 

Co-work with product engineers and IC designers to finish new product design.

Provide the competitive analysis of the DCDC products, identify strengths and weaknesses, evaluate the market needs vs product offering deficiencies, contribute in the new product definition by weighting the value of the specific features and parameters to the customers. 

Interface to the customer, providing technical guidance and support such as product recommendations, schematic review, PCB layout and validation reports, on-site troubleshooting. 

Intensive involvement in local design-in activities with DC-DC and LDO customers including providing system design proposal, preparing customized demo, on-site technical support, customer failure analysis support, etc. 


BSEE at least 5 years or MSEE 2 year of related experience in DC-DC power such as VRM, buck, boost, buck-boost and LDO application. 

Solid/outstanding Knowledge of VRM,buck, boost, buck-boost and LDO architectures. 

Debug from the system level down to the component level. 

Familiarity with PCB schematic entry and layout. 

Demonstrated strong analytical and problem-solving skills. 

Familiar with operation of all lab related equipment, such as Oscilloscope etc. 

Familiar with office software, such as Word,Excel,Powerpoint, Visio. 

Excellent verbal and written communication skills both in English and Chinese. 

Ability to work in teams and collaborate effectively with people in different functions.

VRM bench test experiences are plus. 

SIMPLIS, MATHCAD etc is a plus. 

Bench automation test experiences (such as LabView, Python) is plus.

Power Test Engineer

This role will develop test strategies for Power (LDO, DC-DC, VRM) ICs, including implementation of characterization, qualification and production test solutions. Role will also be involved in yield improvement and costs reduction while maintaining excellent product quality.

Major responsibilities Include:

? Write test plan based on datasheet.

? Discuss DFT with designer to achieve test coverage and low cost on ATE.

? Test board design with EDA tools.

? Test program offline code and online debug

? Characterization and qualification support for the IC.

? Release test program to subcon during ramp up

? Analysis of part failures leading to test improvement

? Perform yield analysis and contribute to test process improvements.

? Available for business travel upon request.

? Subcon production maintain.

? Good English communication


? BS EE or equivalent, has basic analog circuit knowledge.

? More than 5 years work experience.

? C++ coding skills, Python is a plus.

? ATE test experience – AccoTest (STS8200/8300), Eagle (ETS88, ETS364) preferred.

? Experience with Altium Designer or Cadence related EDA tools.

? Familiar with I2C/SPI/PMBUS/SVID/SVI2/SVI3 protocol is a plus.

? Self-learning ability.

模擬集成電路設計工程師 Analog IC Design Engineer









2、掌握一定的模擬電子技術基礎,熟悉Bandgap、OP、OSC、POR等基本電路,熟悉反饋和補償的原理,熟悉PLL的基本電路架構; 熟悉高速電路設計,如高速分頻器,輸入輸出電路等。有某一方面有深入理解者優先;

3、熟悉模擬電路設計流程并能熟練使用主流模擬、Mixed-signal等EDA仿真驗證工具,如Cadence Virtuoso、Calibre及數字電路前端設計EDA工具等;







支持測試和產品團隊的芯片調試, 失效分析,特性分析和產品發布

















1. 微電子、集成電路相關專業,碩士研究生或以上學歷;

2. 具備扎實的電路基礎知識,了解前端/后端設計流程;

3. 掌握Verilog編程語言,會使用Cadence等設計工具,熟悉Linux/Unix操作系統;

4. 了解數字集成電路的設計和驗證工具。





1. 微電子、集成電路或電子類相關專業,??苹蛞陨蠈W歷;

2. 具備電子電路基礎知識;

3. 具有良好的團隊精神和較強的吃苦耐勞精神,易于溝通,為人誠信、踏實。

Analog/Mixed-Signal IC 設計經理

Job Title: Analog/Mixed-Signal IC Design Lead/Manager

Location: Shanghai

Job Type: Full time

奧拉半導體公司誠聘ASIC/Mixed-Signal 設計經理,公司將提供有競爭力的薪酬福利待遇與良好的職業發展機會,歡迎有志于與公司共同成長的專業人士加入我們!

Job Description

Lead and supervise analog/mixed-signal design and digital design for various pressure, motion inertial and other sensor products.

Define and optimize sensor ASIC architectures. Design, implement and verify analog/mixed-signal IC designs for various sensor products. 

Provide technical guidance to ASIC design, layout, application, and validation engineers.

Supervise designs and tape-out on-schedule according to product specifications.

Evaluate and characterize designs in the lab and identify any deviations from requirements and implement corrective actions.

Create thorough review documentation and follow established design flow.

Support production team to develop test plan and failure analysis for final Products

Supervise ASIC testing development 

Requirements & Education:

Master or PhD degree in Electrical Engineering with over 5-10 years experience

Familiar with sensor ASIC circuits especially inertial sensors (gyro and accel)  

Thorough understanding of analog and mixed signal systems trade-offs.

Strong skills in designing various analog/mixed-signal blocks including:

opamp, bandgap references, regulators, high voltage charge pumps,oscillator circuits, PLL, etc.

Extensive experience designing high performance and ultra-low power ADCs and DACs

Advanced knowledge of various ADC architectures, including SAR ADC,Sigma-Delta ADC

Experience in system level design, signal processing tools such as Matlab

Familiar with design/simulation/verification tools including Cadence, Spice, Mentor Graphics, etc.

Lab and test equipment skills for debug, characterization, and validation of designs.

Effective and clear written and oral communication skills.

ASIC/SOC Digital Design Engineer

Job Title: ASIC/SOC數字工程師

Location: Shanghai, China

Job Type: Full time

Aura Semiconductor company is looking for an ASIC digital design at junior or senior levels.

Job Description

Participate in ASIC design flow including system modeling, RTL coding, design verification, Lint/CDC checking, synthesis, formal verification and timing/power analysis

Create SOC architectures (microprocessors, interfaces, bus, memory, boot etc.) and SOC emulation

Perform SOC HW/SW Co-Verification - Developing SOC test benches, APIs, SW driven verification

Set up proper methodologies for chip level timing closure of Analog-Mixed-Signal designs.

Perform chip bring up and performance measurement for IC and systems in laboratory to characterize and debug building blocks

Generate ECO fixes and driving ECO loops.

Develop and maintain design methodologies and flows


Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or related fields.

Familiar with RTL to GDS digital flow and emphasize on either/both frontend RTL coding, synthesis, linting, formality and STA, or/and mid/backend such as physical Implementation with constraints development and timing closure

Experience in sensor ASIC circuits especially inertial sensors is a plus

Knowledge in Arm core integration, IP selection, HW/SW co-simulation, emulation and application

Experience in digital interface such as I2C/SPI and hands-on experience in debugging the interface in board level is preferred

Experience in FIFO, digital filter such as IIR/FIR

Experience of scripting languages such as Tcl/Perl/Python/bash

Experience in FPGA from RTL to bit-stream and board debugging

Experience/Knowledge of DFT and ATPG will be a plus

MEMS Design Engineer

Job Title: MEMS Design Engineer

Location: Shanghai

Job Type: Full time


In this role you will be responsible for designing one of the sensors: pressure sensors, MEMS resonators, RF filters, accelerometers, and gyroscopes. You will collaborate closely with CMOS designers, lead the MEMS design, device characterization and testing, and bring the sensors from concept to mass production.


Expert in Finite Element Analysis (FEA). ANSYS is preferred.

Competent in one of the MEMS design areas: piezo-resistive, piezoelectric, electrostatic, or capacitive sensing. 

Familiar with the design mechanism of MEMS sensors such as stress analysis, vibration      theory etc. 

Familiar with MEMS fabrication processes.

Team player to work well with others in a collaborative fast-paced environment


Mechanical design of MEMS devices. Drive new product development.

Characterize sensor electrical and mechanical characteristics. 

Troubleshoot prototype iterations. Hands-on work on testing and failure analysis.

Validate simulations with characterization and testing tools. Correlate testing and simulation results to improve model accuracy.

Perform sensitivity analysis to identify and model key design parameters 

Design DOE experiments to understand device physics, materials and fabrication

Mask layout

Interface with local and overseas vendors

Document and report design work and other tasks.


Master’s Degree or PhD in MEMS, mechanical or electrical engineering.